Paints (Solvents)

All our paints are solvent based, ready mixed for use and come in plastic bottles with flip lids, for easy use. Just a quick shake, flip the lid and pour - no messing about with paint tins. Then just pour back what you don't use. No wastage at all, you cannot get any easier than that.

All products are pre-filtered, giving you total confidence while spraying. As with all base coat paints, you will need to lacquer. We recommend a 2K lacquer for alloys. are also able to offer over 75% of our paints in unmixed form, in a 1 litre sealed tin, for you to thin to your own requirements.

Designed to match existing colours with ease, the entire range is available in aerosol, 250 ml, 500 ml or 1 litre.

All our paints are cellulose, ready mixed and come in a plastic flip lid container - just shake and pour into your spray gun.  When you're finished just pour back what you don’t use, no messing about with tins.

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