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First coating: Mipa 2K topcoats black glossy Overcoat within 4 days. Allow this first coat to dry at least 8 hours at 20 °C or 30 minutes at 60 °C. Do not sand the first coating before applying Mipa Vicrom „mirror glaze“ ! If necessary, any defects in paintwork should be polished. It is essential to get a perfectly smooth and faultless pre-coated surface to achieve optimal mirror effects. Effect finish: When applying Mipa Vicrom „mirror glaze“ it is very important to ensure that only very thin and uniform layers are applied. Therefore we recommend keeping a larger distance between spray gun and the object surface and not applying too wet coatings. In fact Mipa Vicrom „mirror glaze“ is applied carefully as mist coat to achieve the very best mirror effect. Keep in mind: The more the black first coating shines through the better is the mirror effect. Clearcoat: Overcoat Mipa Vicrom „mirror glaze“ after approx. 45-60 minutes of intermediate flash-off time at room temperature or after approx. 30 minutes at 60 °C with Mipa 2K solvent-based clearcoats. Apply a very thin, first layer of clearcoat in order not to dissolve partially the basecoat Mipa Vicrom „mirror glaze“ (this would degrade significantly the mirror effect). After an intermediate flash-off time of approx. 10-20 minutes the clearcoat can be applied completely. Tip: The most effective way to avoid partial dissolution of the basecoat Mipa Vicrom „mirror glaze“ is to apply a thin layer of Mipa Beispritzlack prior to clearcoat application. after 5 minutes flash-off time the final clearcoat can be applied. 



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